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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Stargate Sotries

In the opening days of 1984 twenty-four American soldiers were summoned from a variety of military intelligence units around the world and brought to a remote mountaintop site in the Blue Ridge of Virginia.  The reason for their summoning:  to participate in the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command’s Center Lane Project.  Center Lane, an experiment in psychic warfare, was intimately tied to the much publicized, CIA sponsored psychic espionage unit, the Stargate Project.  I was one of those soldiers selected.  This is my story of the amazing events in that time and place and their impact on my life in the 30 years since.
My story does not examine specific acts of espionage engaged in by the Stargate team; that story has been told.   This book provides insight into the secret training program developed by the Monroe Institute, the General Officer with the courage and imagination to sponsor the program, the men and women selected for the training and a long personal journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth sparked by access to non-physical realms gained as a result of the training.
The story includes vivid descriptions of the expansion of human consciousness into altered states, as well as the fear, excitement, and disappointment of specific journeys.  These journeys are described in as much detail as memory and verbal descriptions of non-verbal, non-physical vistas permit.
You will not encounter any of the storybook creatures that have become so popular in recent years.  There are no vampires or werewolves fighting their age-old wars nor are there strange and forbidden love triangles involving these creatures.  There is nary a word about zombies or the coming zombie apocalypse.  The world is entirely safe from the restless dead in my book.
But you will meet the wolf, a spirit creature of exceptional power existing in both the real world and the world of altered states, he who first came to me on hunting trip in the Arkansas hills and returned time and again over the years as a spiritual guide and companion.  And you will encounter a strange winged friend from some previously unknown place. 
Be prepared to set aside disbelief for a time and come with me on an extraordinary trip.

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