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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

If he hadn’t been so damned ugly, I would’a thought he was an angel.

One moment I was lying in my bed, sinking deep into its feather-soft mattress. The next I was flying low across a dark and strange landscape. At first I thought it was the surface of the moon as I had seen it pictured a thousand times in books, photographs and the live videos from the Apollo landings.  But that couldn’t be, could it? This landscape was similar with its grey and dusty plains littered with coarse residue of stones, boulders, troughs and peaks. 

This land was illuminated by a soft, grayish-silver glow that must be from the moon or a moon of somewhere else.  I must be in some foreign place, I thought, somewhere new and unknown.  I flew along, sometimes inches from the ground, sometimes high in a cloudless, softly muted sky of a strangely luminescent grey. 

I followed the lay of the land, over small rounded hills and down into deep ravines that resembled the ragged, water torn gorges of the American west.  Scattered in meager patches across the low, rocky hills were small tree-like plants in groups of two or three.  Each plant was a sickly yellowish green stalk with thick, fleshy leaves that reminded me of the fat, heavy stems of the succulents my mother grew in her flower garden.  The leaves, like bloody purple blisters, were sparse, dotting the limbs in random patterns.  They were unlike any tree or plant I had ever seen. 

I felt him before I saw him, a slight tugging at my mind.  Like a high flying kite that had come to the end of its string, I slowed, then stopped my flight and drifted to the ground.  My feet touched the course, sandy soil.  I turned to face back in the direction I had come and saw that I had company.  Standing near me was a creature.  A person?  A man?  I see him/it clearly even today and still don’t know. 

He wore no clothes.  I am sure it was a he although I could see no obvious sex organs.  His skin was the gray of ash.  He stood there, looking at me, wordless.  I am not sure he could speak.  I saw no ears and the mouth was just a thin, straight line with small, almost nonexistent, lips.  He was tall and very thin with arms and legs that seemed too long for his body. 

Just above his head I could see the rounded edges of what must be wings, slightly taller and slightly wider than his slender body.  The wings were the same dark gray as the ground at my feet, covered with fine, peach-fuzz fur.  They were like, yet unlike, those a bat might have.  His eyes were small, extremely pale gray and set deep into his bald skull. 

He stretched his long, thin arms towards me, bent slightly at the elbow, his palms up and I did not see but felt him smile.  I felt him welcome me to his place.  There were no words, just emotion.  He was saying hello in his way and welcoming me to this new place I had discovered.  I smiled in return and wondered what message he might have for me.  But there was only warmth and welcome.  We stood face to face maybe ten feet apart until I felt myself being called back to where my body lay, suspended in a dreamlike trance.

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