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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Altered States of Consciousness and The Stargate Project

Early in the afternoon of Friday, January 27th, 1984 our training had been completed and the team was preparing to attempt the journey to that altered state of mind that would let us push back the thin veils of time and look into the future.
The training and associated experimental exercises we had just completed had convinced us that such states exist.  They are places where our nonphysical energies, energies of the mind and spirit, are free to wander.
Rumors of these places, these states of being, have persisted throughout the ages.  Other peoples in other times and places have called them thresholds, portals, gateways or crossroads.  By whatever name they might be called, crossroads, threshold or gateway, the names are metaphors for a place that is neither here nor there, a juncture where two worlds meet providing a path between the two. 
No matter what they are called, these places are passageways that lead us to worlds other than our own.  There are many stories of these altered mental states as well as similar places in the physical universe.
From Native American lore recounting shamanic journeys to the spirit world, to the strange disappearances of Benjamin Bathurst (a British diplomatic envoy who walked out the front door of the White Swan Inn in the town of Perleberg, Germany and disappeared from the face of the earth before he reached his carriage parked just outside the inn) and the crew of the Mary Celeste to the Musings of Thomas Moore and the more recent stories of Near Death Experiences, our culture is rich with references to these liminal places in the world.  These are the places where the fabric of time and space grows thin and allows one to step across the threshold from one world to another.
The Bermuda Triangle might be just such a place in the physical plane.  I do not know but the stories of strange disappearances from that place are many.  The fourteen airmen aboard the five Avenger aircraft of Flight 19 that disappeared there in December 1945 might know the answer.  I do not. 
I do know that these places, physical and nonphysical, have been recognized since the beginning of human history.  Their locations and the methods to find and use them passed down through folklore, verbal histories, religious and metaphysical texts.
These gateways exist between this reality and other planes of existence, other states of being.  They exist between what is, what was and what is yet to be, between life and death, between this world and the shadow worlds that accompany and are in tune with our normal reality.
Some people stumble upon them accidentally through little known and poorly understood natural abilities.
Others seek the passageways through meditation or the ritual magic of ancient peoples. All that I am certain of is that they can be found and used if you are only shown the way.

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