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Friday, December 9, 2016

Is there life out there?

That seems like a pretty good question to me.  The answer, I suppose, might depend on exactly what you mean by ‘out there.”

Are they walking across the strange landscapes of the extra-solar planets we are now discovering by the hundreds or swimming the methane seas of Titan?

Are there unrecognized intelligences right here amongst us, sharing the earth? Do dolphins talk about their strange land based cousins and laugh at our silly ways?

Or, maybe, there is another realm, close by, unknown and unreachable to most.  A place we can only find in that strange in-between place that lives between what we see and what we feel, a place that is not quite real and not quite imaginary, where creativity and magic exist.  Call it a crossroads to mystical places almost always found entirely by chance.

Sir Thomas Moore called these places “Liminal Narrows” and described them as the places in the world “that are neither here nor there, neither up nor down, neither real nor imaginary.  In these liminal narrows, a kind of life takes place that is out of the ordinary, creative, and once in a while, genuinely magical.”

 Can it be these places sit side-by-side with everyday reality, very close but hard to find?  Can they be populated with shadow creatures, unknown and unknowable entities or persons such as ourselves?  Again, I say almost certainly.  I know because I encountered such an intelligent creature very briefly in an altered state of consciousness, a place anyone can reach if they know the way.  He (I am sure it was a he) was warm, beautiful and, for a brief instant in time, my friend.  I tell the tale in chapter 12 of my book, Secret Warriors, Psychic Spies.

Intelligence exists all around us.  We will find it “out there” if we only look and if we realize they are not required to be us either in looks or thought patterns or communication methods. If we open our minds to the possibility of an infinite variety of intelligent life forms then, and only then, will we find what we seek. 

We are not alone.

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