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Thursday, February 9, 2017


Crossroads:  In folk magic a crossroads represents a location "between the worlds"; a place where supernatural spirits can be contacted and paranormal events can take place. It is often where two realms touch and literally represents somewhere "neither here nor there", "betwixt and between".

Over a century ago Thomas Moore spoke to us of these crossroads as liminal places that are “often found by accident, where strange events take place”, events out of the ordinary, creative, and sometimes, genuinely magical.

In the opening days of 1984 twenty-four American soldiers were selected from a variety of military intelligence units around the world and brought to a remote mountaintop in the Blue Ridge of Virginia. They were part of a Top Secret experiment and were taught to look for and find these crossroads into magical, mystical places. 

We were meant to be trained and tested, a first step before we went on to become part of the Stargate Project. But we never did take that next step.  Something happened and one of us got lost somewhere in an alternate state of consciousness and couldn’t find the doorway back.  Some say he is still there, living somewhere in a hidden military facility, eternally locked away inside his own mind.
I was luckier than Doug.  I found the crossroads and embarked on long voyage of self-discovery.  Along the way I discovered the wolf, a life-long spirit companion, my partner along the path of discovery that began with the experiment and ended years later if it has ended at all.  I don’t think it has.  I think the wolf waits for me.  I see him in the depths of the night, waiting by a new pathway.  I sense his eagerness to go on, to move forward in the adventure started so long ago.
I was one of those soldiers selected.  This is my story.

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