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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Dream Walking in Shorts Now Available

Undiscovered worlds live in the landscape of our dreams. Some are distorted reflections of our daily lives while others reveal strange new universes populated with impossible ideas, creatures from myth and legend, and newly discovered powers and abilities, seemingly magical in nature, emerging from the quantum foam. Dream Walking in Shorts coming to Amazon.com Feb 1, 2019

These are the stories found in my dreams and nightmares. Some are reconstructed from fragments, left over images rapidly vanishing as the dream collapses with the morning sun. Others are fully formed tales that have invaded my sleep time and again over the years.

Some seek to answer unanswerable questions, some tell of sorrow, fear or joy. Is death the end or is it an entryway to another life? Can we go back in time, start our live anew, take different paths, exchange the life we know for a better one?

Dreams are portals to these unseen worlds. Join me as I step through the doorway and travel through a dreamscape filled with tragedy, mystery and magic.

Discover the broken man, an outsider who lives a troubled life in in this world but finds peace, joy, and love as another man in a different world. Live though the final days of humankind as wildfires and monster storms ravage the earth. Travel with Wayne, his life destroyed by the Great Recession, as he seeks to start life over, from the beginning, looking for a different outcome.

Welcome to Dream Walking in Shorts, a compilation of short stories derived from the dream worlds.

Dream Walking in Shorts

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