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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Secret Warrior, Psychic Spies - A Review

This is one of the reviews of my first book published on Amazon.com

Though Roger’s story centers on the Stargate Project, it is an intense, fearlessly honest personal story. In part, Roger tells a soldier’s story, soldiers rarely praised in public. Soldiers who work day and night capturing information, analyzing it and putting it in a form useful to field commanders. 

Roger tells his part in an unconventional quest for an advantage over the other side. The story gives us a glimpse of the outer edge of the military’s unending national security mission. Roger also details his personal life journey, in some ways unremarkable, yet filled with unique individual challenges. Though the book has some flaws, I found the read compelling and worth the time spent.

Please note that I admit the first edit had too many typos. Most, if not all, of those have been found and corrected in the final version now available.

The story is true but hard to believe. Some people found more fault with the concepts in the book than in the storytelling itself. That's OK. Some ideas are born to be dismissed by the many and only believed by the few.


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