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Thursday, April 25, 2019


My first story in the short story compilation, Dream Walking in Shorts, Outsider, is based on a recurring dream. The dream used to invade my sleep three or four times a year.
Slowly, I would begin to wake, the dream still fresh and real in my mind.
As my awareness came back to reality and the dream began to fragment, the sense of loss elicited a profound, physical sadness and I sought only to remain asleep, to stay within this wonderful vision.
I grasped the dream with the fingers of my mind and tried to hold it tight, to keep each moment clear in my memory but the dream fled from me, as dreams will do.
I sensed the house, the woman,  and the circumstances of my arrival in that place had once been real, something I had experienced in some distant time but somehow lost.
I managed to gather the remaining pieces and sew them into this story.

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