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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Stories (almost) No One Reads

Stories (almost) No One Reads
I write stories. Most are dream fragments, expanded, tuned and compiled into an e-book. Kindle books on Amazon because it is a cheap way to get a book out there into the wild.
Why are they mostly unread?
I am in my 70s, living on limited retirment funds. Professional editing, publishing and advertising are beyond my means.
So few except family even know I have written and self-published anything.
It’s a little disappointing. Some of my stories are good, a few very good.
So, I am left writing for myself.
I admit my stories are all a bit strange. There are paranormal aspects. There are end of the world scenarios. There are veteran suicides.
If you might liks such stuff, look up ‘Dream Walking in Shorts’ on Amazon.com.

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