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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Books on Amazon

If you look me up on Amazon, you'll see at least 5 books. That's because once you've published on Amazon, the book(s) you can never, ever remove a book from their site. The books stay until the Sun grows old, becomes bloated, red hell, and all live on Earth is extinguished.

That makes things really confusing.

So, to help simplify things, only two of the listed books are currently real. I have extensively edited and updated the content of the two books. If you have an interest, only look at these entries:
Strange Stories found here:

This is Dream Walking in Shorts edited, improved, expanded to 9 stories instead of the original 4.

Secret Warriors,Psychic Spies: Redux found here:

This is Secret Warriors, Psychic Spies: Based on a True Story extensively edited. I have removed about 20,000 words. The stories they told were personal and valuable to me but added little to the true story of the Center Lane project. What I kept, and improved, was only the story of Center Lane, the days immersed in the experiment in alternated states, and the related events that occurred weeks or years after.

Ignore the Dream Walking in Shorts titles. I have unpublished them, but they won't go away.

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