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Friday, November 8, 2019

Seven Days on the Mountaintop Learning to Leave my Body Behind.

Seven days atop a mountain learning to disassociate spirit and body. We entered altered states of consciousness, freed our minds to travel to remote locations, alternate realities, into the future.

Day 1 – An old friend and spirit companion, the wolf, greets me in a desiccated winter forest.

Day 2 – Leaning to eat the universe’s energy, use the power to reach distant locations. The wolf meets me again and shows me three paths. Which one to take is a decision I must make.

Day 3 – I walk among the stars and travel to a world made entirely of multi-colored crystal.

Day 4 – A fellow trainee leaves this reality and cannot find his way home. He is taken away, no longer part of the experiment.

Day 5 – A troubled day. Psychic sex. Was it mental rape or simply two people losing mental control.

Day 6 – I meet a friendly alien creature in my trip to an alternate reality? Or was it a real world in a parallel universe or different dimension?

Day 7 – We see a future attack on a U.S. Naval ship.

All this and much more:

Secret Warrior, Psychic Spies - Redux

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